Fellfische Cellphone Cases Teeth Edition

Danger! These little Fellfische cellphone cases are snappy! You can find them on IYU-IYU.com!

Each one has been personally handcrafted by ourselves and is made of soft, fluffy terry cloth [100% cotton]. Ideal for Devices up to 2 1/4 x 4 3/8 x 3/4 inches [116 mm x 59mm x 10mm] – like the Iphone 4 S, Iphone 3 S and Ipod Touch.

They are available in berry, anthracite, turquoise, apple green, pink, lilac and olive. Some have teeth, some don’t.

Want one? Visit IYU-IYU.com.
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Fellfische Desktop Background

To everyone, who loves our little Fellfische cellphone cases as much as we do: We have prepared a little gift for you – A Compilation of all our Fellfische cellphone cases as Desktop Wallpaper! If you don’t have your own Fellfische cellphone case yet, please take a look at our online store IYU-IYU.com. Have fun!

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